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The AMA Calabria library  began its activity in 1979 with the objective to put a stop to the huge shortage in the region, a 'proper collection of music books where many were interesting, primarily students of the three music conservatories in the regione and Calabrian University of Calabria Department of Music and the Arts could find food for their knowledge.

Over the years the library has seen significantly expand its library collections through generous donations of individuals and organizations who have believed in this project. Among the major private donors A.M.A. Calabria thanks Prof. Giuseppe Vecchi 's University of Bologna for the publications of the' Amis (Antiquae Musicae Italicae Studios), Mrs. Egizia Bonelli, wife of the Prof. Francesco Degrada, renowned Professor of Music History at the State University of Milan, whose books are precisely the Fund degradation, the M ° Antonio Ballista through which it is the namesake fund for contemporary music, Dr. Paolo Cordella, husband of the unforgettable soprano Alida Maria Salvetti and Pollice Family from where it all began.
Among the largest public donors to the State Music Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi" of Milan, CIDIM, the CEMAT, the SIAE Rome-based Opera Symphony and several Italian and foreign musical foundations and associations.

Currently the library consists of about 20,000 pieces, is divided into the following areas:
1) scores, orchestral scores and parts;
2) volumes of historical musicology (monographs and essays);
3) collection of opera librettos;
4) magazines
5) audio archive audio and video

The A.M.A. Calabria Library, inserted in the 'Anagrafe Biblioteche Italiane  with initials CZ0143 Italian Libraries and Code Sebina 8 °, was recognized by the Calabria Region with deliberations No 728, November 7, 2006 and No. 40 Jan 19, 2007. And 'being implemented the computerization of bibliographic heritage and its networking in the Catalog OPAC - SBN.
The library is open for consultation and loan library materials every day of the week from 9.00 am to 12.30 and from 15.30 to 18.30 with the exception of those holidays.

Head of the library is Dr. Chiara Macrì PhD in musicology and musical heritage of the Bologna University.
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